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The First Writing

We are all the people,
Loving all who come
We love all who listen and find their true selves
We are healing the world
We are here to teach,
We are here to love
We are here to be
Just what ever we should
We are here to grow
We are here to learn
We are here to remember
We can heal the earth
We are here to sing
We are here to dance
We are here
We are here to change the world
We love all of you
We care for all of you
If you can hear us
We will come to you
We can sing with joy
As you are awakening
We will love you
You are coming home
You are one of us
You can share in our harmony
You are showing your love
You are being your selves
A joy to behold in our midst
We are all one family
We are all made of love
We can feel it in our selves
The freedom to be who we are
There are no chains that bind us
There all no walls to hide us
We are free to choose
All we want to do
We love you we love you
We have watched you grow
We have seen you cry
We have dried all your tears
We have watched you die
We have been there to hold you
We have been there to help
We have been there to guide you
We have set you free
Listen closely to your hearts
Listen to our answers
Listen to your questions
Listen to your mind
See what is right or wrong,
Use your heart to decide
Get rid of all the clutter
Open to your new home
See what is around you
See what is man made
See which is real to you
Always know we are out there,
Willing to take your hand
Always there to help you
When you need a friend
We love you we love you we love you
Use your imagination,
Use your intuition,
Use your heart direction
Live your life without pain
Always look for the higher good of all
Always be aware
See your choices as growth
See what you have become
Help others to see the light
Always hold them up
Always help them freely
Always bring them home
We love you we love you
Share your strengths
Share your talents
Share your pictures and stories
Share who you are
Be who you are
Stand in your truths
Be your self
We will love you we will love you
Help others see themselves
See their golden lights
Be a healer to mankind
Make your own choice
See the beautiful sunsets
Love your selves as one
See the artist in you
In everything you do
You are one
You are divine
You are being who you are to be
Shine your light upon us
Each day is an opportunity
See each day in a new way
See its beauty
See through all the joy that is there
Let your heart bring joy
Let your heart shine its radiance upon you
Do not block the beauty of life as you live day to day
We love you we love you we love you
No more blocks, let your soul be free
Like the water cascading down the cliff
Like the rainbow mist
Be free to soar like an eagle
Be free to swim as fish
Be the light worker you are
Do your lifes mission with all of your heart and soul
Look into yourself to who you really are
We love you we love you we love you we love you

"The Soul Light" ©2001 , Simply Serendipity

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