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Inspiring Notebook

Embrace YOUR Creative Spirit
with this Coloring Notebook!

The artwork, and writing in this book will inspire you to colour, write and create as you wish. Seeing is believing. Don't be afraid to have some white on your page. Let your inner self explore the inner realms to bring through your true light. Being love through the medium of colour to embrace all you are and all you will be.
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This notebook is sure to inspire, and provide you with hours of entertainment, all in a coil bound Hardcover Book with inspiring messages, finished art to illustrate how to color the pages, (what mediums work the best), and a selection of pages to be colored, The Notebook has inspiring messages of hope, love and so much more!. The book is 5 by 7, will fit in your purse so you can have it with you all the time,and can take a time out for You! You can just read it, browse through the finished work, or create your own by coloring in the images!

This Book was Made with Pure love, and my hope is that it will provide you a wondrous escape from 'Adulting'! A place of tranquility, Peace, and serenity, where YOU Celebrate YOU!.

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This is Our "Coloring For Energy" book, the front and back cover and why the book is created....I want to bring out the love and creativity in everyone...thru the medium of color, writings, and creating drawings for YOU to enjoy!!!!

Only YOU can discover the Amazing transformation into a Perfect state of beingness, by allowing your creative spirit to awaken and play! That is the purpose of the drawings I have included in my ebook,as well as, in My Hardcover Book! to pull out the wonder and joy of being you. It is with great joy that these drawings have been created. I have created them,and all that you see here on my site, to help heal the mind, body and spirit. To bring peace through your heart, to know, to allow the inner flow of energy to bring you to a place of peace. It is the intent of these drawings to inspire and allow your inner being to blossom. To inspire you to greater heights of awareness.

   It is with great joy that we bring these lessons to you. We wish you great peace, harmony, love and understanding through the journey of colouring the illustrated drawings, and in reading the many messages contained.Messages of inspiration, love, peace and Joy... With an open heart and open mind, you will find your greatest gift from allowing yourself to flow in the energy in which they were created. And this is the purpose of this book, a vehicle to bring harmony to the world ,to open the heart so it can breathe in love and peace.

   It is with great love I share this to heal the world, to help everyone, each one of you. To help you all stand tall and shed your cloak of insecurities.
" Bring your inner knowing of where you are in life, and to feel connected to the love that You Are

So many treasures lay within these pages, and so many hours of exploration into Your Youniqueness!

I am so excited to share my World of Love with YOU!!
Serendipity has brought you here...
Allow me to lead you home.
Namaste, My Heart

By Brenda Forsey, Available NOW!

Please submit a message HERE,with your email and phone number, if you would like to purchase my hardcover notebook, at 15$! (plus shipping)

I want everything I do to inspire and support you in expressing your creativity - because that's what you've done for me since I began my mission to help others express their creativity! I am committed to bringing you the best quality adult coloring book, so you can relax, decompress, and let your inner child out to play for a while.

We want to hear from you! Send us your suggestions, ideas and completed coloring art at: Simply Serendipity on Facebook!

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