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Inspirational Writings

Welcome to My Posted Collection of Writing! I feel so blessed to be able to share the divine messages from on high with everyone! I hope you will be inspired by the messages of Hope, Love and Encouragement, enough to share the messages with others. We all can change the world with a single gesture of Love. Awaken and Lift the Veil of Your Consciousness!...Healthy You! We Are LOVE!Healthy You! So much Love...Brenda Forsey

Healthy You! Vision of Harmony
Healthy You!

Imagine a bubbling spring of water crashing joyously on the rocks nestled in a beautiful forest. See the sun beaming through clouds on to the ripples... Read More...

Healthy You! Love Brings Change
Healthy You!

There is love in a tender movement within the airstream, some call it a breeze, some call it a gentle caress upon the face, the warmth and the flow of the energy of the air element...Read More...

Healthy You! Transformation, Bringing
Through the New World!

Healthy You!

To give is to giving, We receive...We are being all that We can in the moment...and this is...Read More...

Healthy You! Appreciate Life
Healthy You!

Live without judgment and fear. Release the pain, worries, and guilt or what ever is causing you to feel bad. Read More...

Healthy You! Inner Glow
Healthy You!

Has anyone ever said something to you and you just felt so happy inside, to feel satisfied and at one with yourself. The friend or loved one..Read More...

Healthy You! Soul Evolvement
Healthy You!

We are all united as one. Each soul created through the divine creator. A spark of golden energy directed into the human body. We are all created from the same energy,Read More...

Healthy You! Transforming Your Beauty
From Within

Healthy You!

You are the light and the star of your world. All of you are beautiful beings of light, you are light from within, and you are a spark of the creator, the joy of manifestation..Read More...

Healthy You! Creating Your Reality
Healthy You!

Remember you create your reality...It is within to share and to be all you can be...just be yourself without any are loved from on high, and you....Read More...

Healthy You! Power Of Love
Healthy You!

Moving through life helping others see their beauty from within, to feel their beauty, feel their gifts, be their soul from the inside out, to embrace all that they are...Read More...

Healthy You! An Angel Message...
Healthy You!

As things come about and it seems like nothing is working right, just remember that it is an illusion, that everything is in divine order, Read More...

Healthy You! To Be Connected
Healthy You!

To be connected to spirit, open your mind and heart to all that is possible. Your mind directs your thoughts, which are energy vibrations. It is a powerful Read More...

Healthy You! Shining Candle, Beacon Of Hope
Healthy You! are a beautiful candle...As events assail you from outside of you, events that seem to erode your peace, your harmony, your light, take a moment to give yourself a hug... Read More...

Healthy You! Open Wings
Healthy You!

Butterflies are such gentle creatures...and they flit from flower to flower.....and they come from a cocoon as they transform from a caterpillar to a beautiful!Read More...

Healthy You!

By Brenda Forsey, With LoveHealthy You!

© Simply Serendipity, all rights reserved

Healthy You!
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