Music Lesson Testimonials By Brenda Forsey, Calgary
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My daughter had been enjoying her piano lessons under Brenda's instruction for over three years. I still remember that my daughter was very picky and just afraid to try out something new, and it was very hard to convince her to try the piano at first. I told her she should try at least a couple of times and if she still didn't like it, then I promised I would just withdraw her from it.

So she tried the piano for about two weeks. On the second week she told me she's really enjoying the piano, and she even thanked me for forcing her to try it. I could see the sparkle in her eyes when she talked about the lessons and how Brenda led her to the possibility of playing her favourite songs and how much she enjoyed her lessons.

My daughter started the piano with no skills whatsoever, and it was so much fun even for me to see how quickly she had progressed with reading notes and playing the piano with confidence. My daughter was looking forward to the next lesson all time, and every time after her lesson, she came out with big smiles on her face and never forgot to mention how much she liked her piano teacher, Brenda, which made me so happy as well.

I think Brenda knows how to motivate especially young learners and she brings not only her music techniques but also a deep connection with her students that can last for a long time. Brenda truly cares about her students and understands her students' needs and requirements, so she always makes the students feel very comfortable without feeling any pressure or obligations. I think one of the greatest things about Brenda is that she also works hard for her students' confidence. I truly believe that Brenda is one of the best teachers in so many ways and we were blessed to have found her. I would not hesitate at all to recommend her to anyone. I am sure you would be so happy to have her as your/your child's teacher, just like I was!

Clair Kwak

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