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"What is Reiki"
© November 2010, By Brenda Forsey
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What Is Reiki

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I have had so many clients ask "what is reiki"? There is only one way of answering this: it is "Universal Love" which is unconditional love that flows from the Reiki Practitioner to the client. It is pure light, an energy not picked up by the human eye. It carries a powerful punch; so to the client's innate healing ability that is within the physical body itself connects with this energy and directs it where it can be of most use. Your inner healer is able to use this incredible energy to heal all parts of you.

    You have four specific bodies...the Physical, which most of you can relate to...then you have the Mental, Emotional, and Etherical body. There are many subtle energies that work through all of these bodies. The way you get sick usually works like this

   You sense that something is not quite right with your world, but you can't put your finger on it, it is a fleeting sensation. (this is where the illness comes from...a sense that something is not quite right) So it is coming through your etherical body first which is the first place it starts from.

   After you realize that something is not quite right, you think about it and you seem to put your finger on it. Then you start to get on that roller coaster that is constant in your mind (this is your Mental Body) and you find you can't drop the thought.

   You then attach an emotion to it, called Worry, Fear, and may start to feel stressed. Again the idea has now progressed to your emotions and the chain of thought is being magnified and given more of your precious energy.

   Then it starts to enter your physical body. So now you are feeling stressed, your stomach may start to knot up, or you may feel a head ache coming on as the unresolved issue is now moving into your physical body and affect the organs that are affected by the issue. Your muscles tighten, your breathing is shallow, your pulse is racing, and your heart is palpitating. The issue has now worked its way into your physical body, and will lodge itself there for as long as you wish. So as you are fixating on this idea the pain intensifies until you go to the Doctor for some pills to end your suffering. If you do not release this issue then the pills he gives you will only give you temporary relief. This issue can embed itself into your body tissue and stay there until you are ready to release this issue.

    Reiki is pure universal energy that flows through the practitioner and moves into the body to heal it. If the issue is ready to be released, reiki will flow through it and it will bring it to your awareness, for expression and for release. This can happen spontaneously as you are being treated; the reiki energy flows thru your body and soothes the nerves, emotions, mind, and your etherical body. It removes the blocks and fills your body with peace, joy, harmony, and at times you will feel so blessed that you will smile all day.

    During a treatment you are fully clothed, you will lay on a soft healing table, you may fall asleep but are very much aware of what is going on with you. You may feel many hands above or on the body as there are reiki guides and angels helping you to heal and release whatever caused the pain in your body. You will feel relaxed, peaceful, and amazed at how your body has responded to the Reiki.

    You will benefit in so many ways!. Reiki can treat the physical body, as in helping the body to heal broken bones, cuts, bruises, surgery related injuries, headaches, all kinds of physical maladies. Reiki works on the rest of your bodies as explained above.

    Reiki works on the following:
Healthy You! Anxiety / Stress
Healthy You! Fibromyalgia
Healthy You! Depression
Healthy You! Vascular Disorders
Healthy You! Arthritis
Healthy You! Sleep Disorders
Healthy You! Eating/Digestive Disorders
Healthy You! Multiple Sclerosis
Healthy You! Addictions
Healthy You! Hyperactivity / Attention Deficit
Healthy You! Cancer
Healthy You! Pregnancy
Healthy You! Allergy / Sinus Conditions
Healthy You! Strokes
Healthy You! Migraine Headaches