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Imagine, Our New World

Imagine a bubbling spring of water crashing joyously on the rocks nestled in a beautiful forest. See the sun beaming through clouds on to the ripples, which become waves of water, which are joyously rushing, downward on its way to join a great lake. The suns golden rays sparkling on the crashing waves which are creating newer waves. It only takes one wave to get another started like love. It only takes one soul to send out love and light. It will then spark another to start sending love onto the next soul and on it goes until everyone is filled with the wonderment of compassion, understanding and love.

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Imagine a world without borders, a golden orb of love. A world vibrating with the pure essence of love, light, harmony, and compassion. A world where flowers in rainbow color, trees, and animals were in their purest form. Each flower radiating harmony in its most glorious colors of pinks, oranges, yellows, all with their own unique fragrance.

   The trees shimmering, as they are so alive with the essence of love and service to all of humanity. Their branches reaching out and up to the sky in an embrace of love to all. To shelter the weary traveler and give him sustenance and rest. Their roots growing deeply seeking out the golden energy, which is at the heart of the land. A beautiful molten gold ball changing and growing, which is feeding and nourishing the entire plant, vegetable, and animal kingdom. Its essence is pure love, which expands and fills all the spaces, which it finds.

   Lakes and oceans teeming with beautiful marine life with the multicolored fluorescent schools of fish, all swimming peacefully without fear of being consumed by larger predators. The coral in peach, pink, luminescent colors, which nestle within the rocks lying along the oceans floor. The lakes and oceans a beautiful aqua green, deep blues, to a violet hue covering part of the world. The sun shining its liquefied molten golden rays upon the land, creating shimmering and dancing diamonds of lights upon the waters, its warm golden beams penetrating and streaking through to the oceans sandy bottom.

Animals in their natural state living in harmony with each other.

   The breezes blowing gently through the beautiful fields of flowers, grasses which vary from bright apple green to a deep emerald green, are a rich velvety deep lush carpet, which invites your footsteps and beckons you to rest upon it.

   Humans being kind, loving, warm and generous to each other, lovingly giving all to help each other. Looking after the beautiful gardens, parks, and forests, being the caretakers of this beautiful world. Each glowing with the inner eternal golden light that is who we truly are! A world, which is totally alive and vibrating with such a frequency, that emanates peace, love, a oneness, a merging of total energy.

Imagine Healthy You! Imagine Healthy You! Imagine
...What would life be like?

"A Vision Of Our World" © April 6, 2002 Brenda Forsey

World in Change..As we all awaken to our divinity..

Present day January 7, 2016

I visited the world that is mentioned above with my guides, and when I was taken into the ocean, schools of beautiful rainbow fish with luminescent shimmery bodies would come up and say hello and welcome telepathically. I saw the gorgeous coral reef and upon getting close to it I was immediately taken within the center of the earth, and I saw a beautiful molten liquid orb expanding and changing its shape as it sent fingers of light into the roots of the trees, to feed the grass, to nourish the world and it felt sooo good all I wanted to do was stay there. Upon my observing the orb, it came to me that this was the golden liquid love that I sensed when hovering in the sky looking upon the land. It was so amazing I did not want to leave but...I was told it was my time to go.

    I then found myself hovering in the sky gazing upon this beautiful world, and a rose appeared as a bud, it blossomed, matured and as it did the petals would start to drop to the ground and out of the center appeared a new bud and this happened three times and I watched it blossom and then mature...and fade away... but..the cycle continued. I knew then that Nothing dies...that we live on eternally. The fragrance of this rose was so beautiful, soft and yet soothing, and so much more... I have not experienced the fragrance here on our earth.

    It was so beautiful and then I found myself back in the universe and returning to earth, upon my return to earth, I saw it shrouded in a kind of cheese cloth drapery. Below the shroud I could see little liquid gold lights moving about the continents of our planet. I watched as the little golden lights would merge into each other as they bumped into one another. As they did this the shroud around the earth started to evaporate, to thin as the light grew in numbers.

    As this activity continued the world slowly emerged into pure light, as the grouping of golden liquid light completely covered the earth. In one second once all the world was blanketed in this gorgeous liquid golden light I heard a hissing sound, as shards of light burst forth from the earth and the shroud completely disappeared. The fingers of light extended from the earth out into the universe for as far as my eye could see, I felt so euphoric and happy my body vibrated and my soul felt released if you will, from human bondage. It was such a magnificent experience that years later I remember as though it was a second ago that I experienced this.

    I realized in a nano second that our world is the world I have written about at the start of this article, that this world is changing into the beautiful harmonious world I visited. As we say yes to our inner voice and heed the message we hear...if we feel compelled to act upon our heart felt message we will awaken to our true destiny. The messages are filled with love, light, compassion, empathy, and excitement....to feel so positive that nothing can dim or put out this radiant blissful state. All is possible in the moment you allow this radiant blissful light to permeate your body, your mind to merge with your emotions, to just live in the moment of pure spirit. (if the message you hear is not of this nature...then I say to breathe in slowly and clear your mind to any negative thoughts, feelings etc...and ask your innerself, your soul if you will, to help clear you of these feeling first and then to bring through the love and joy that you are...bliss, harmony, love, euphoria, and pure light!) You will float on cloud 10 as they say for a long period of time when doing this.

    All issues of the mind that you were entertaining prior to allowing this to happen will dissolve into answers and divine intervention occurs.

    Our earth is changing all the time in light of all that is taking place upon it right now. Do not get caught up in the dramas unfolding, anchor if you will to the heart inside of you and send light, love and blessings to all on the planet. Love is the most powerful energy you have within you and it can move mountains! It is so important that you stay positive in light of all that is unfolding. You may not understand it, but, if you answer with love and compassion, the situation will change into love. If you send out anger and frustration then this will help create more of the same. As challenging as it is. Stay as positive as you can. Sit quietly, or stand, go for a walk, whatever it takes to bring you into the space of awakening the beautiful you within, to bring forth your answers and help you to find that peace, the harmony that is your birthright.

    To just sit..stand..walk...and after you have felt the peace, then send it out to all that seem bent on hurting others, taking over their land, countries etc. Send out peace and love and this will go full circle around the planet and come back to you fortified with even more love. Like attracts like and YOU can make a difference no matter where you live. You can help others through just being Love in action, through your loving heart, your most divine space for your divine self.

    This world is our unfoldment of what we can create as each one of us gently awakens from within. This can happen very quickly by just saying yes to your heart when it gives you the feelings or sensations of feeling so good that you can touch the sky. This happens when you allow the energy of love to course through your body in the physical, you may feel tingles, or heat moving through you, there are so many ways of feeling the awakening of your heart space.

    As we allow the LOVE that we are to surge through us we change; mentally, emotionally, and physically. Miracles happen. We find that more of what we wish for becomes our reality as we are ready for it.

   Our world will change into the most golden orb all will witness and peace will be our mode of the day. All feelings less than love will dissipate. Each one of you will move forward into creating your own special place to live upon this beautiful planet, each one of you will create with energy and love what you desire and what you wish to share and our planet will be a wonderous orb in the universe!

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