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My Journey...

A few years ago I went through a tremendous transformation. I had been the victim in my life scenarios... and life became almost unbearable. Through some miraculous changes, I grew and evolved... and my lifes journey underwent a complete evolution... my occupation changed to some degree,,, and a whole new spiritual discovery and life change occurred... This Journey is full of love, light, harmony, a desire to be all I can in each moment.
I have discovered new talents and gifts from within that are now part of my everyday life, and I share them with everyone I know, to help in their spiritual awakening.

    I lost someone very special to my heart and as I was missing this special soul, a thought came through, to find my art supplies that I had collected over the years and allow the energy of creativity to flow through. I desired to create something very special and the thought of a beautiful big tree filled my heart. With great courage, I selected a crayon and placed my hand upon the page. It started moving and much to my delight a branch with leaves appeared, and then another, and I stayed present in the moment choosing any color that was not brown or green, and in no time I was finished.

   A tree had blossomed upon my blank canvas. I felt the warmth of pure love engulf my body, and received a guiding message. That I would write for "Them"...The "Council of Light".
The First piece of writing was a poem that I share HERE. I was filled with glorious golden energy each time from this moment that the Angels would speak to me, and the words would write themselves onto the page. My pictures and messages all come through the energy of love...light. This initial feeling has opened my creativity in the light of the purest love, to create more Artwork with a clarity I'd never known before in life... Life now has balance.To Read the First piece of writing, please click here.

    As I Became Clairaudient,I started to bring through Inspirational Messages that illuminated all of life situations. These messages flow through my fingers onto the pages in one continuous stream through to completion. I am left feeling so joyous, and blessed...that it takes hours to come down to earth again. These messages are for everyone... and it is my pleasure to put them on this website for you to enjoy. The messages convey Love, Joy, Harmony...and so Much More. I sincerely hope they will bring you inner peace and joy as you allow the words to permeate your beingness. We are living in wondrous times... magical times... and I am happy to be sharing this Journey with all of YOU! The earth is changing, and we are all a part of the change!

   Some of these articles have been published in "The Showers of Manna",(In PDF) a magazine that believes in being all you are in each moment, as well as the Violet Ray, the Natural Health and Conscious living Magazine. I have also created a downloadable collection of eBooks, "To Enlighten and Enrich the soul!"

My mission has become, to share the messages in this world, with truth, conviction and hope. Serendipity has brought you to this site, and I hope the words and messages of Love will influence your life with purpose.
Welcome to Simply Serendipity!

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